Sunday, April 20, 2014

Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Day!

It started snowing yesterday morning and has barely let up since!

Our backyard
Almost 11 inches on our back deck and still pouring down snow!

We all went to the park by our house for some playtime.

Too much powdery snow to sled.

It was hard for Emily to walk!

Ready, set..


And that's how you clear the slide!

Eating snow!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Both kids had so much fun trick or treating.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Back to School!

Brandon is doing another year of Pre-K, five days a week at a new school, and Emily is going two days a week at Sandcastle (Brandon's old school).  Both kids are excited!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hello again!

Guess it's been a while...

Brandon is closer to 5 than 4 1/2 now, and we are registering for kindergarten this month!!  That's a scary thought.  He has been slowly working on learning how to read, and can recognize lots of sight words already.  He can "read" a number of books we read alot, mostly by memory, but can sound out the word to remember how the book goes.

He has been doing swimming twice a week for the last few months, and will be the first to tell you he's in level 3 - he had to do 10 bobs to pass level 1, and then front and back floats to pass level 2.  Right now he's working on kicking by himself on his front and back.  He's still doing the Little Gym sports class, and has gotten a taste of soccer, football, golf, tennis, volleyball, and hockey.

Emily is nearly 20 months old now, and is getting smarter by the day.  She is up to about 15 words now, and has finally added "mommy" to the list (long after daddy, Brandon, and even cousin Ellie!).  She is starting to learn her colors, and can correctly say and identify blue, pink, and green.

She is still tiny - at her 18 month checkup, she was still under 20 lbs (19 lbs, 12 oz!), which is 15%, but she was 32.5 inches tall, which is the 75%!  This makes it challenging to find clothes that fit her.

She is loving Little Gym and is quite adventuresome - she likes to climb up on the low balance beam all by herself and walk. She is also doing swimming and just learned how to blow bubbles.

October Pictures

It was an mild, wet day - perfect for puddle jumping!
Brandon was drenched by the time we came in!

Wearing Brandon's Seahawks warm-ups 
Emily at Little Gym 
The lion and the mouse - just like the classic story.  Brandon has a version and
got a kick out of them being the main characters.

Matching Halloween jammies - the kids love the glow in the dark bones!

November Pictures

Unusually hot day in November - get out the bikes!
Brandon helping Mommy water plants at work

December Pictures

We cut down our Christmas tree again this year.  Emily had fun finding sticks.

This year Brandon came prepared with his chainsaw!

Ready to cut it down!
Discovering Mommy's iPhone
Oops!  Caught me!
Not going to give it up, Mommy!

More duets on the piano
Christmas morning - someone is super excited!
Little miss Santa

Brandon giving Emily a boost 
Making fishy lips like the fish in the book

Yes, she built the whole tower all by herself!

January Pictures

First time eating orange slices 
Kids loving the power wheels car at Grandma Carol and Grandpa Carl's house

Brandon's mid-season show week at Little Gym 
Brandon helping Grandpa Bob move dirt

February Pictures
Emily feeding the baby
Brandon "sleeping" with the baby
Super Bowl Sunday... Scene 1 - Emily checking out the remote
Scene 2 - Brandon stealing the remote
Scene 3 - Ensuing drama
Scene 4 - Two remotes = two happy kids 
Too cold for the water table outside, so we filled it with dried beans.  Kids love it!
Monster truck show!!
Cutest snuggling ever!
Emily loves snuggling with the bear while sucking on her fingers
Brandon made Valentines for all the kids in his preschool class.  These were letter stickers, and I arranged them in the right order on top the hearts.  Brandon stuck them on all by himself.  Then, on Ava's valentine, he added extra hearts, informing me that pink and purple were her favorite colors and that she would like them!  He's smitten!
Emily petting the cat - she is actually very gentle with them.
Look at that concentration!  She loves playing with the kitchen.